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4D Full-Digital Color Ultrasound Scanner with Diagnostic System (MAV480)

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Model NO.:MAV480
Classification:Imaging Diagnostic Equipment
Type:Ultrasound Scanner
Style:with a Trolley
Standard:CE, ISO
Origin:Guangzhou, China
Production Capacity:999
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Company Information

Guangzhou Maya Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)
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Manufacturer, Trading Company, Other
Ms. Nancy
Product Description
This MAV480 (including 4 D) color Doppler Ultrasound diagnosis system is the best one in China now, you can view the color scanner details in the following:
Device Application: Abdomen, heart, maternity, urology, superficial organization, peripheral vascular, small organ, cavity, and other interventional screening and therapeutic use.

* Full-digital color ultrasound diagnostic system, the system has the ability to upgrade
* Frequency Range: 2.0-14MHz
* Probe types: Convex array, linear array, heart and cavity probes
* Display: B / M, B / D, B / CD, B / D / CD may be the same screen display, M type and scope of PWD icon size adjustable
* Frequency Probe

* Abdomen convex array probe: 2.0 ~ 5.0MHz electronic convex array broadband probe frequency, the frequency range 2 - 5MHz, 3 selectable frequencies Bandwidth
* E-broadband frequency linear array probe, the frequency range 5 - 10MHz, scan angle: 60 degrees
* probe array element: ≥ 128
* Image Mode: Two-dimensional B-, M-type, pulsed PWD / Continuous CWD Doppler and unit of analysis, color CFM / power Doppler and direction of the Energy PDM
* B / D use either: B / PWD, B / CWD, B / CD / PWD three simultaneous display
* Digital full anatomical M-imaging techniques, the sampling line can be anywhere in the 360-degree range as the center of arbitrary sampling
* Organization of second harmonic imaging, harmonic function ≥ 2 groups
* B / M / CD can be adjusted independently
* Resolution: Lateral ≤ 2mm, longitudinal ≤ 1mm
* detecting depth: ≥ 240mm
* system dynamic range ≥ 140dB
* 15cm deep, full-view scans, anatomical M-frame rate ≥ 120 / s (for pictures)
* Image playback video: Frame by frame, continuous playback of ≥ 300 frame
* Focus: Emission ≥ 8 segment focus, to receive: Continuous dynamic variable aperture, dynamic apodization digital focusing
* Scan Line: Every frame linear density ≥ 400 Ultrasonic Line
* General measurement: Distance, perimeter, area, slope, heart rate, pressure, residual urine, RI, PI, flow rate, etc.
* Character Tags: Shows the date, time, patient' s name, user name, etc., custom note table, probe, frequency and body marked, with a puncture and guide lines
* Color Doppler display modes: Speed dispersion shows that the energy shows that dispersion Show
* display position adjustment: Linear array scanning range of interest: -20 ° - +20 °
* Probe Interface: 4 units
* Dynamic and static image real-time hard drive storage capabilities, the host built-in hard disk ≥ 160G.
* The original data acquisition and processing capabilities, can playback dynamic and static image post-processing capabilities, and can convert directly to the image AVI, TIF, BMP, and other common format computer
* Input / Output Signal Interface: PAL-D, USB, RS-232, VCR, RGB, USB, , VGA port, etc.
* Supply Voltage: AC 220V ± 10%,

Standard configuration
3.1 Full Digital Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System Host:
3.2 Display: ≥ 15-inch high-resolution progressive-scan LCD displays a
3.3 linear array ultra-high frequency ultrasound probe change (5.0 ~ 12.0MHz)
3.4 convex array broadband probe cavity frequency, the frequency range (4 - 8MHz)
3.5 4D probe
3.6 Built-in workstation systems (including software),
3.7 ultrasound coupling agent
3.8 Power lines

Multi-frequency convex(heart) probe, multi-frequency convex(rectal)probe, video printer, Puncture, convex array ultrasonic probe frequency (2.0 ~ 5.0MHz)

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