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Digital Universal Length Measurer (JD25-D/JD25-C)

Min. order:1 Unit
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
Model NO.:JD25-D JD25-C
Measure Method:Manual
Length Measurement on Shaft Parts:Iron Casting Base
Plain Ring Gauge:Thread Ring Gauges
Thread/Plain Plug Gauges:Taper Thread Ring Gauges
Packing:Veneer Case
Standard:ISO9001: 2000 CE Certificate
Origin:Guizhou, China
Production Capacity:2000 Units/Year
Unit Price:Negotiable Get Lastest Price
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Guiyang Xintian Oetech Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)
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Miss Jessie Xia
Product Description
JD25-D / JD25-C Digital Universal Length Measurer

Digital universal length measurer is a kind of length measuring instrument which is used in absolute and comparative measurement. It is mainly used in metal-processing industry, especially those measuring rooms or inspection stations of machinery industry and others industrial fields, such as tool-measure and instruments manufacturing.

1. High quality cast-iron base support, it has a good stability after long-term natural seasoning.
2. Optimization design, make sure the structure with high performance and precision.
3. Various kinds of accessories are provided, so it has good universal performance.
4. It is equipped with optical grating measuring system, the measuring result is displayed in number visually.
5. The illumination system of optical grating adopts infrared illuminator which is low voltage and current, small volume and long life.
6. It uses Abbe's principle and high precision measuring system, so it has a high measuring precision.

Main Measure Work-pieces Include:
1. Smooth columniform worpieces (Axis, hole, plug gauge and ring gauge etc )
2. The MID-diameter of internal thread, external thread, thread plug gauge and thread ring gauge
3. Workpieces with parallel plane (calipers, length bar and low-grade measuring block)

Technical Parameter:
Measuring range (mm):
External size:
Absolute measurement: 1-100
Comparative measurement: 0-670
Internal size:
When using small measuring hook
(maximum insert depth 12, maximum wall thickness 50): 10-400
When using large measuring hook
(maximum insert depth 50, maximum wall thickness 85): 30-370
When using electronic measuring hook: 1-60mm
When using universal measuring hook: 14-112mm

Measurement of internal thread MID-diameter:
When using small measuring hook (thread small diameter 13-30mm)
When using large measuring hook [thread small diameter 31 ~ (70 -wall thickness) X 2 ]
Thread distance: 0.5~6 mm
Measurement of external thread MID-diameter: Maximum 200mm, thread distance 1~6 mm
Measuring force (N): 0, 1.5, 2.5
Digital resolution: 0.1um
Accuracy repeatability of the instrument:
. External-size measurement 0.3μ M
. Internal - size measurement 0.5μ M

Accuracy of instrument:
While direct measurement of external size, accuracy of instrument is superior to
(0.5 + L/200) um for JD25-D and 0.5 um for JD25-C
While measurement of internal size, accuracy of instrument is superior (1 +L/100) um JD25-D and 1 um for JD25-C

Universal worktable:
1. Installment size of worktable: 160X160mm
2. Adjusting range of height: 0 ~ 100
3. X axis travel: 25mm
4. Inclination of workable (enclosure Y axis ): ± 3°
5. Rotary angle of workable: ± 4°
6. Loading of worktable: 10kg
7. Fit dimension of contact tip's internal-diameter: Φ 6H7
8. Fit external dimension of contact tip pole with internal-diameter
Of contact tip: Φ 6g6

Overall dimensions of the instrument (length X width X height): 960 X 390 X 450mm
Weight of the instrument: 150Kg
Measurement rangeAbsolute measurement (mm)0~1000~100
Relative measurement (mm)0~6700~670
Internal size(mm)When using a small measuring hookWhen maximum extending in depth up to 12, the maximum arm thickness of 50, 10~400When maximum extending in depth up to 12, the maximum arm thickness of 50, 10~400
When using a large measuring hookWhen maximum extending in depth up to 50, the maximum arm thickness of 85, 30~370When maximum extending in depth up to 50, the maximum arm thickness of 85, 30~370
When using a electric measuring hook1~601~60
when using a universal measuring hook14~11214~112
Universal worktableArea of installation160mm×160mm160mm×160mm
Range of height adjustment0~100mm0~100mm
Transverse travel25mm25mm
Rotation of worktable±4°±4°
Fitting size for the measuring cap's internal diameterφ6H7φ6H7
Size of outer diameter between the reference rod and the measuring cap's internal diameterφ6g6φ6g6
Intermediate diameter between internal screws (mm)While using a small measuring hooksmall screw diameter of 13~30small screw diameter of 13~30
While using a large measuring hooksmall screw diameter of 31~(70-arm thickness)×2small screw diameter of 31~(70-arm thickness)×2
Screw pitch (mm)0.5~60.5~6
Intermediate diameters between external screws (mm)Maximum 200Maximum 200
 Screw pitch (mm)1~61~6
Measuring force 0N    1.5N   2.5N0N    1.5N   2.5N
Digital display equivalent 0.0001mm0.0001mm
Variability of the instrument display valueWhile measuring the external size2σ≤0.3μm2σ≤0.3μm
while measuring the internal size2σ≤0.5μm2σ≤0.5μm
AccuracyWhile conducting absolute measurement for external size0.5μm0.5μm
While conducting absolute measurement for internal size1μm1μm
Load capacity10kg10kg
Overall size (mm)960×390×450960×390×450
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